Usage Imeow API

Setting up and using Imeow API for your projects.

Usage of API

API (Application Programming Interface) is an interface designed for communication between applications. It is similar to a user interface, except that instead of people, other programs use it, and communication can be limited to only passing necessary information in the simplest format possible.

The functions of our API are synchronous, which means that you send a request and practically instantly receive a response. All responses from our API are in JSON format and can be obtained by simply calling the relevant URL with a variable.

The basic address of the API:

Function overview: API and examples

  1. Name in the 5th case
  2. Surname in the 5th case
  3. QR code generation
  4. We are working on additional functions.
$question = file_get_contents("áš");
$decode = json_decode($dotaz,TRUE);
echo $dekodovani['jmeno'];

5th case name



Variable required type example
jmeno yes text Lukáš


variable type example
jmeno text Lukáši

5th case last name



variable required type example
prijmeni yes text Žula


variable type example
prijmeni text Žulo

QR code



variable required type example
text yes text Sometext
velikost yes number 100

Specify the size as a whole number representing the number of pixels. If the size is not filled in, the default setting of 300 pixels will be used, and the maximum size is 1000 pixels.


Returns the QR code as an image in PNG format.

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