Creation of web pages

We design websites that will enable your business to grow. Web development has its own set of rules, whether it’s about user-friendliness or securing your users’ data. We’ll create websites for you that will clearly demonstrate what you excel at.

With our website you always get:

  • Secure connection via https
  • Unlimited email
  • Design tailored to your needs
  • Responsive design
  • Fast loading time

What websites mean to us?

Fast Loading and Optimization

Fast loading of web pages ensures that your website is visible and, thanks to Enriched Search Results, does not get lost among other search results. With proper optimization, you will no longer lose visitors who click on your website.

Original Design

The websites we create are always original and tailored to your needs and the requirements of your target audience. We do not try to follow every fashion trend, but instead create an aesthetically functional website that your customers will find comfortable to use.

Responsive design

In today’s world, proper display on mobile devices is a necessity. However, in many cases, larger screen devices are forgotten. Our websites are prepared for display on both small mobile screens and large TV screens.

Indicative price list of websites

Web Business Card

For the self-employed and start-ups

from 212

  • One page
    Basic information
  • Contact
    Basic form
  • Portfolio
    In the form of a gallery

Corporate Web

I want an edge over the competition

from 510

  • Multi page
    Complex content
  • Forms
    Interactive forms
  • Portfolio
  • Domain
    1 free

Complex E-Shop

The main one is online sales

from 1021

  • Products
  • Multicurrency
    Sales in multiple currencies
  • API and export
    Heureka, Fcb and more
  • Card payments
    Paypal, Gopay and more
  • Domain
    1 free

Custom e-shop creation

On the internet today, you can find countless services that allow you to create your own e-shop in just a few clicks. However, predefined templates, limited functionality, and inappropriate default optimization can often do more harm than good.

We focus on creating e-shops with a focus on the specific needs of our clients and their customers. E-shops from our studio are characterized by targeted optimization and features that simplify the ordering process as much as possible, both on the customer and seller side.

We cooperate with other services

PWhen creating websites, it can never be the case that one service rules them all. However, it is always good to trust your partners and choose them wisely. That’s why we collaborate with other selected systems from companies such as:

Own physical servers / Web hosting

Many companies use shared servers or even shared web hosting for their operations. However, we like to have things under absolute control. That’s why all websites we manage are on our own physical server. You don’t have to worry about security or performance issues.

Main advantages of our servers:

Reserved power

Each website has its own reserved resources. You don’t have to worry about whether your clients will be able to access your website properly.

Frequent and complete backups

We perform complete backups twice a day and store them for at least 30 days on an external storage. With us, you won’t lose any data.

CDN and custom DNS servers

We have 100% control over domains, whether using our DNS servers or through the Cloudflare proxy CDN.

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