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Imeow office is an all-in-one web application that allows freelancers and small businesses to efficiently manage their business. The application offers the ability to generate invoices, record employee attendance, create employee contracts, manage clients, monitor cash registers, and keep track of your projects. With Imeow office, you have all the necessary tools in one place to focus your efforts on developing your business.

With Imeow office you always get:

  • Easy invoicing
  • Employee attendance management
  • Overview of received invoices
  • Management of realized projects
  • Responsive design

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With our application, you can easily generate invoices, track employee attendance, and have an overview of your income and expenses. Additionally, you can quickly record information about completed projects and maintain an overview of your business. The application is available on all devices, from laptops to mobile phones, allowing you to have it with you at all times. With Imeow office, you can focus on your business and leave the administration to us. Improve your productivity and save time with our application.

How it looks?

If you want to see what our office looks like, you can do so through the following screenshots.

Main screen

Základní obrazovka

The basic screen of the application offers you an overview of everything you need to know as soon as you log in. In one place, you have information about the status of your invoices – how many you have issued, which are overdue, and whether you have forgotten to pay an incoming invoice. A clear graph will show you a summary of financial information for each month of your business. If you have employees, you have access to information about the number of hours worked by individual employees for the current month. Additionally, if necessary, you have access to current exchange rates for basic world currencies from your czech bank.

Issuing an invoice

In our application, invoicing is easy and intuitive. After selecting the number of items, their quantity, units, and setting the VAT rate, you can choose the recipient from the client database or simply fill in the details from the Ares registry. You can issue regular and proforma invoices with unique numbering and choose the method of payment, either in cash or by bank transfer. Payment QR code on invoices ensures convenient payment for your customers.

In our application, you have several invoice templates available to match your needs and be original. It is natural to use your own logo and electronic stamp on invoices to impress your customers.


Clients database

Databáze klientů

In our application, the client database provides the user with perfect control over their customers. Telephone numbers, billing information, and notes about customers allow for an easy overview of customers and help maintain high-quality relationships. These notes can also serve as a useful tool for reminding oneself of specific details about a customer.

In the clients section, you have an overview of all your customers and can also see the last date when you communicated with them. The integration of the client database with the invoice issuing system also allows you to easily issue invoices without having to enter the customer’s information repeatedly. This way, you have everything perfectly under control and no customer will slip through your fingers.

Employee management

Employee database in our application allows you to easily manage all the administrative tasks related to your employees in one place. Keeping track of contact information, printing employment contracts for both full-time and part-time employees, sample termination letters, or attendance records has never been easier. Managing these types of data with various software and systems used to be problematic and time-consuming, but with our application, it is no longer an issue.

You can easily perform employee attendance tracking quickly and efficiently with our application. You can monitor their attendance in real-time, ensuring that the set goals are achieved, and the work time is adhered to. Moreover, it allows you to evaluate the productivity of your employees and improve their work performance. It also saves you time in calculating salaries and rewards for individual employees.

správa zaměstnanců

Security and updates

Bezpečnost a aktualizace

Security is our top priority in our application. We store data on our own servers, where it is backed up twice a day to external encrypted storage. We do not expose data to third parties or work with them in any way. In addition, our application is constantly monitored and updated to ensure the highest level of security for our clients.

Our application is constantly being improved and updated to offer the best possible service to our clients. Furthermore, we are able to prepare custom extensions and integrate our application with other systems if requested by the client. These integrations may include, for example, e-commerce through Woocommerce or overall accounting. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and efficient solution that meets all of our clients’ needs.

Customer service

Customer service is very important to us. We provide it on business days from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and customers can choose between chat, phone call, or in-person meeting. Our customer support team is highly qualified and fully prepared to answer any questions and solve any problems that may arise. We always try to find the best possible solution for our clients and maintain long-term and positive relationships with them.

In addition, our application is designed to be as intuitive as possible, and we strive to ensure that our clients are able to use all features independently without the need to contact our customer service. However, if they need assistance, our customer support team is always available and fully prepared to help.

Zákaznický servis

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