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We have just updated the servers for receiving and sending emails.

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    21. June 2020
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Aktualizace emailových schránek

Thanks to this change, you will be able to take advantage of several benefits, such as:

Unlimited emails

We have completely changed our approach to email accounts and have introduced unlimited email storage. What does unlimited email actually mean? You no longer have to worry about the number of emails in your mailbox and the only limit your message has is the maximum size of one email, which is set at 20 MB. The total number of emails in one mailbox is limited to 50,000 messages per mailbox for system stability.

Bulk folder

If you were bothered by a pile of newsletters, satisfaction surveys, and other bulk emails after logging in, which made it difficult to navigate among otherwise important emails, we now have a solution in the form of the “Bulk email” folder where these emails will be available to read for 14 days and will then be automatically deleted. We believe that this filtering will give you a better overview of your other received mail.

However, if you are not satisfied with this solution, we can still set up a unified folder for both regular and bulk mail.

Our SPAM filter has also been further improved, resulting in even less unwanted emails in your mailbox. The functionality of the trash folder has also been changed, and emails older than 14 days are now automatically deleted, so there is no longer a need to empty the trash folder.

New email settings

As a result of the server change where we store mail, there will also be changes to the POP3, IMAP, and SMTP settings. The current settings are listed here:

Typ Adresa Port Spojení
SMTP 465 šifrované spojení SSL
IMAP 993 šifrované spojení SSL
POP3 995 šifrované spojení SSL
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