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Cleo music web 2022

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Initial state

When we first met Cleo, her Facebook page’s visual design was homemade, and her YouTube channel lacked any graphics. Together, we established parameters and began designing a completely new visual identity, from the logo to the graphics for Facebook and YouTube.


We designed a new logo, prepared graphics for social media, and even created a final screen for newly published cover songs. As a bonus, we added a website with basic information about Cleo.


In 2020, we prepared a redesign that reflected both the artist’s changing direction and the requirements for preparing the artist’s first album for sale. We also added several features to the website, such as support for dark mode based on device settings.


As the artist’s work continued to develop, we prepared a complete redesign of the entire website. We optimized and expanded the content, and also modified user interface functions, such as product sorting, shopping cart display, and checkout.

Reference: opinion from the client

I am very satisfied with the prompt, willing, and very creative approach. The result of the work pleased me very much and even exceeded my expectations, so I will definitely be happy to recommend it to anyone else.
Jana - Cleo

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