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When we first met with Mr. Kebrdl, he was a businessman with a few employees providing services in the area of clearance and delivery transportation. They didn’t have a website and all the efforts in promotion were focused on the company’s Facebook page.

At that time, we saw the main potential in communicating the product to the customers. An important element was also the possibility to present each service in detail on the company’s website.


We prepared a website and designed a friendly corporate identity. We developed a publishing plan and launched a new page on Facebook. Thanks to these steps, the volume of orders increased by 20% in the off-season period. We also distributed flyers and launched an advertisement on a large screen in the center of Plzeň, which brought another 10% increase in orders.

The range of services offered has now expanded to include garden maintenance, paving, fence and pergola construction. The company has also grown overall, with the number of employees doubling since the beginning of our cooperation.


After two years of successful cooperation, we and Global Service company agreed that the current website no longer corresponds to the dynamic growth of the company and there is a need to unify the brand more.

Currently, the gradual introduction of a new corporate identity and an information system for faster and more efficient processing of a larger number of orders is being prepared.

Reference: opinion from the client

Global Service Kebrdle - Referenční foto
Perfect service. Fast, direct, high-quality, and clear. We are very satisfied. I can highly recommend it.
Jan Kebrdle

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