Blog: Cross-browser optimization, why?

Lately, the discussion about optimizing websites for various browsers, also known as cross-browser optimization, has quieted down a bit. Why is that?

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    10. January 2024
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Instead, the focus has shifted more towards page load speed and responsiveness (displaying pages on different types of devices). Why is this happening? We are addressing proper display on mobile devices and desktops, which is certainly not wrong, but often we overlook considering which application or web browser the visitor will use to browse our website on their mobile.

Improving by tracking the percentage distribution of different browsers on your website brings benefits not only to you but especially to your users. After all, it cannot be expected that they will use only specific browsers according to our preference. Focusing solely on the latest browser versions can lead to financial losses and frustration for users who may not always be able or willing to update. Therefore, it is essential to regularly monitor data from your own website.

The obtained information about global browser representation trends is undoubtedly useful but not key. Browser representation varies significantly by region, as evident in the example of the Czech Republic compared to the United States.



Statistics from Czech tracking tools almost correspond to the data provided by StatsCounter. We have chosen these data to maintain consistency in the collection methodology and comparability with international information. However, it is crucial to be aware that differences in statistics will be significant, especially when comparing an electronics-focused e-shop to a cooking recipe blog.

Due to the diversity in technical knowledge and internet experience of visitors, it is not possible to force them to use specific browsers. Changing a browser can be challenging for many reasons, such as a lack of motivation, insufficient knowledge about alternatives, or technical limitations. Most websites are not in a strong position to dictate browser choices to their users. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize pages even for older browsers if they constitute a significant portion of visits to your website.

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