Blog: Reminder when, how, what? + template

Unfortunately, business relationships are not always ideal, and precisely for these cases, we have prepared for you templates of individual reminders together with information on when and how to use them within normal business communication.

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    30. June 2020
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Upomínka neuhrazené faktury

By time past due

1-5 business days overdue

At this moment, it’s best to contact the customer by phone and inform them about the situation. You can also use a notification via email.

Overdue 5-10 working days (1st reminder)

At this point, it’s appropriate to send the first reminder, which is most commonly delivered via email. The reminder should be written in a polite manner and inform the other party about the outstanding debt from your company. If necessary, you can also send this reminder in writing, although in regular business communication, sending the first reminder via email is usually sufficient.

Overdue 10-15 working days (2nd reminder)

At this moment, it’s appropriate to send the second reminder. It’s most commonly sent by postal mail, although you can also send it through a data box. This reminder is written more forcefully and may include warnings regarding possible penalties, contract fines, contract termination, and interest on late payments.

Overdue 17 business days

Make a phone call to request payment for the shipment, calculate contract fines, interest on late payments, and other penalties.

Overdue 19-24 business days (3rd reminder)

Send the third reminder as a registered letter. In certain cases, we recommend sending duplicates using both forms of communication. This reminder represents the final warning before initiating legal collection proceedings.

Reminder templates

If you’re not sure how to properly write a reminder, you can use our prepared templates, which you can find for free download individually below the article or as a complete archive in our e-shop section, and you can freely use them for your business needs.

The provided templates can be used unlimitedly for your business needs.
However, sharing them on websites outside of the Imeow group domain is prohibited.
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